how to copy and paste between a tmux buffer and the X clipboard

2012-01-20 Tagged: ,

tmux does not provide a native way to copy and paste between its buffers and other applications. Here are two lines to `tmux.conf` that provide these missing features.

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improving disk performance by setting noatime

2011-07-12 Tagged: , ,

Every time a file is accessed its inode is updated. Depending on the behaviour of the system, setting its mount option to `noatime` may have a measurable impact on performance.

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SSL session caching in nginx

2011-06-28 Tagged: ,

Sessions in SSL/TLS have been around since SSL v2. They allow multiple connections to use the same key data to calculate encryption keys for the connection instead of performing a full negotiation to determined the encryption keys. Since they are reusing data previously exchanged securely, a secure connection can be established very quickly. The alternative is to perform the full negotiation for every connection, which is a costly process.

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git - resetting a remote repository

2011-06-25 Tagged:

It can sometimes be useful to remove the commit history for a project that is under git. and basically make the latest state be the first commit. An example use case might be when uploading to github.

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